What Comes Next

“At the point in life where your talents meet the needs of the world is where God wants you to be.” 
-Albert Schweitzer

…Saturday, June 15, 2019 in Oakland, Calif. (Josh Edelson/AP Images for Clorox)

Normally, I don’t do big speeches or much with social media posts. I have a publicist who manages my social network (aka my amazing fiancée). I’m a behind-the-scenes type of guy. This, however, is one of those moments that beckons me to speak. So here it goes:

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Kekoa X Thrive Collective

The following is a short interview with Kekoa from a collaboration with Thrive Collective. Thrive Collective is a non-profit organization that creates hope and opportunity through arts and mentoring in public schools.

How did you first get involved with Thrive?

Before it all became Thrive, I started with Generation Xcel back in 2006. Then started helping Jeremy (Thrive Collective’s Executive Director) with what was then 20/20 Vision for Schools in 2011. After that, I was hired as a design consultant, with on and off jobs. I was hired again for the mural at PS 34, then hired as a teaching artist and muralist. Eventually this all lead to a job as studio manager, directing the Bring Art Back campaign and a lot less sleep.

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A Quiver of Kobras

Another beginning in a long string of do-overs and remakes. It occurs to me that I’ve written so many of these over the years that I don’t know how to begin without being redundant.

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